Why us?

The International School of Culinary Arts is an ambitious project that started as an initiative of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Valladolid. Its purpose is to offer a refined hostelry and culinary arts education for the future professionals in the food and wine industry.

The collaboration of the City Hall of Valladolid has been essential in the development of the International School of Culinary Arts, with the donation of the land where the building stands. With a clear international projection, the School is a reference in hostelry education. The EIC is a modern, open and dynamic educational center. A space to create, develop and share new trends and knowledge to provide a new added value to the hospitality industry. The International School of Culinary Arts is a point of reference as an institution for the professional development and innovation, always respecting the gastronomic and culinary tradition.



The International School of Culinary Arts achieves its success through the rigorous process to select the best students and the quality of its educational programs. Our goal is to offer excellence and a high level of education which will insure success in the culinary and hostelry world for all its students. More than 1,000 studens have studied in our school and 400 of those studens were foreign. We have trained in our classes more than 50 nationalities.


The International School of Culinary Arts is located in Valladolid, capital of Castilla y León, the largest autonomous region in Spain and only 50 minutes away by train from Madrid. Valladolid is one of the cities in the country with the best quality of life. Castilla y León is, by far, the top producer of quality products in the country. Over 12 appellations of wines, cheeses, legumes, vegetables, olive oil, Iberian ham… The perfect place to learn and immerse yourself in Spanish Cuisine. We help all international students to get accommodations, offering them various options: university residences, apartments or host families.


1. Our main objective is to provide a unique integral and functional education to our students. Our philosophy is not only limited to teaching more concepts but values, rules and the discipline for a good professional development.

2. Promote the creation and development of cutting-edge culinary trends using as reference the influence and contribution of other national and international gastronomic cuisines and cultures.

3. Create a space respecting tradition, local products and history that encourages an international projection of the Spanish cuisine.

4. Satisfy the needs of the hospitality industry therefore providing highly competitive qualified compromised professionals.

5. Promote the research, relationships and sharing mutual contributions of knowledge among the high-end cuisine and business sector professionals.


The International School of Culinary Arts has created an exclusive labour exchange for the students, offering them different options of jobs and internships in Spain and abroad to added value to their training.