International Program


Nowadays, Spain is known like the most innovative country in the culinary arts. We have developed a program to preserve the traditional recipes and integrate the new ones to enjoy the complete experience of the Spanish cuisine. Troughout this course, you will learn from the most prestigious chefs and also you will know the traditional dishes and flavors as well as new trends. The program also includes tasting these creations at their restaurants. Regardless of your spanish level and according to your needs, we offer you interactive language classes.

This unique experience will include visits to food related sites like farms, cheese factories and of course, learn everything from the famous Iberian ham. Also you will visit the cultural places and the many different wine areas that are found here, at the heart of Spain. You will feel the products and smell the flavours, definitly you will live the Spanish experience at first hand, since the land of the Spanish knights to the coastal areas where the fishermen began to take cod to the Americas. This course will give you the opportunity to think, taste, evaluate and enjoy life as the Spanish do. Once you complete the program you will recive an accredited diplome by the Escuela Internacional de Cocina de Valladolid and the Real Academia de Gastronomía.


Using the fresh seasonal ingredients, you will discover the diversity of our traditional Spanish cuisine and how to interact with the newest trends that are emerging all around the world. Our lessons 100% practical and customized will capture the different ways and concepts of the modern twist which the tradicional Mediterranean cuisine is experimenting.


Our prestigious chefs have a great profesional career at the cuisine, beyond their incredible credentials and the best knowledge of our history, culture and gastronomy. All of them are willing and committed to share their knowledge and experiences with their students.

Here you have the chefs who have been sharing their knowledge in previous editions:

Chef Miguel Ángel de la Cruz

Best Chef of Castilla y León in 2008. Miguel Ángel Cruz has proved to be one of the great Spanish masters of the pine nuts and pine kernels: baked green pine cones, roasted and fried pine kernels, grains, pine almonds, fresh pine juice… Modern and innovative cuisine that claims and exalt one of the most abundant and underestimated culinary products of the Iberian landscape. He gave an excelent talk at Madrid Fusión 2012 with some of the most prestigious chefs at the word. His restaurant “La Botica”, at Matapozuelos (Madrid), has been recognized with one Michelin star.

Chef Victor Martín

Victor born in 1972 at León, Spain. He is passionate of the tradicional gastronomy of his region. He studied at many cooking schools at Madrid and Santiago de Compostela. About his professional career, he has worked with chef Santi Santamaría, and also he has been in restaurants like “Racó de Can Fabes”, Barcelona (Michelin 3-star) and “Sant Celoni”, Madrid (Michelin 2-star). The success of the Victor’s dishes are very relationed with this experience in Santander or Galicia and of course, his traineeship at “ABaC” (Michelin 2-star), “Arugula” or “Fonda Sala” (all of them based in Catalonia), where he had the greatest masters.

Chef Julián Arranz

Julián Arranz is the third generation of the pastry family Arranz. Son and grandson of pastry chefs, he started this training at the Centro Tecnológico de Cereales de Castilla y León (CETECE) in Palencia and then he continued at the Escuela de Pastelería of Barcelona. He has developed his experience with some of the best pastry chefs in Barcelona, like Oriol Balaguer and Takhasi Ochiai. He has provided master lessons all over the work, for different pastry schools like The Culinary Institute of America.



  • Extracurricular activities. You will have the opportunity to visit various wineries and food producers to taste and understand their work philosophy about how the final product arrives at the tables.
  • Weekend trip. Optional and custom-made because it’s a part of your personalized summer experience. You can choose between many cities to visit the cultural wonders of Spain.
  • Visits to Segovia and Salamanca, declared World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. There you can visit the aqueduct and the impressive Alcázar and also try the exquisite roasted suckling ping while you are visiting some kitchens of some of the most classic restaurants in the region.


“After this incredible summer program, I realized a traineeship with the chef Miguel Ángel de la Cruz at his restaurant, “La Botica”. I felt like a real chelf and Miguel and I became great friends, it seemed that I was part of his family. I don´t have many words to express how grateful I am for the possibilites that la Escuela Internacional de Cocina has opened to me“.

Tomas Torres – International student


Valladolid is located in the western part of Spain, and Madrid is one hour away by train. It is the capital of the region, Castilla y León, and it shines by the architectural diversity, the sophistication and its people. Valladolid played a very important role in the history of Spain, it was here where king Fernando and Queen Isabel were married in 1469 and it was seat of the Spanish Court in several ocassions during the Middle and Modern Age. It was also a meeting point for explorers, such as Fernando de Magallanes, who came here to discuss his navigation plans. Miguel de Cervantes lived here during some years and Columbus died in 1506. A city of kings, queens and prominent figures who left in Valladolid a trail and heritage of Spanish history. A safe, welcoming and comfortable city that makes you feel at home.


Studens who are interested in Summer School, need to have a minimum of experience in the sector or be currently enrrolled in a culinary program and be able to speak and write in English or Spanish.

What is included in the tuition?

  • Shuttle service from and to Madrid airport.
  • 55 hours of classes in our magnificent facilites.
  • 2 half-day excursions or activities per week.
  • 1 custom weekend trip (optional)
  • Health and accident insurance during the program.
  • 24 hours. Emergency contact.
  • Extracurricular activities.
  • Oficial chef jacket from our school with your your name embroidered, two chef hats and two aprons.

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Accommodation rates:

Single ocuppancy
Double ocuppancy
Half board Full  board Half board Full board
Residence 660€ 860€ 560€ 700€
Hotel 1080€ 1380€ 680€ 960€
Furnished apartment
1190€ 1490€ 790€ 990€

Half board includes breakfast and lunch.

The full board includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Sealed by Real Academia de Gastronomía and the International School of Culinary Arts

*Apart from the classes there avalaible restaurant internship after the course. Upon request and subject to availability, if you are interested in this offer, send an email to: