International Professional Sommelier Course

International Professional Sommelier Course

A Sommelier is the professional individual responsible for all wine related aspects within the various areas, which comprise the world of catering. Nowadays there are many professional opportunities, which require a solid foundation that will establish the ground for proper professional development. The selection and purchase of wines, the management and maintenance of wine cellars, the organisation of wine tastings, customer service and advice or the harmonisation of wines and foods are some of the professional skills required in this sector.

At the International Cookery School our broad range of professionals has designed a training programme directed towards to present day needs. The teaching units provide all the necessary knowledge to create the foundations for a first class professional Sommelier.

For those who work in the wine tourism sector, restaurants, catering or shops specialising in wines, this is an opportunity to increase knowledge and develop skills, which had not been considered until now. For those who are just starting out on their professional lives, it is an important and indispensable step in their training.


1. To train and fully develop professional skills in the art of the Sommelier.
2. To create a number of highly professionally qualified individuals to fill posts, which become available in an increasingly competitive sector.
3. To improve the professional career of those already working in catering.
4. To enhance the skills of a Sommelier.