Assistant Chef Course

The Assistant Chef course aims to train “excellent” professionals, who will be able to work effectively as a team, with initiative and observing the principles of HACCP. This is a completely practical course in our facilities and real workplaces that will allow our students for the best insertion in the labor market.


At the end of the course the student will be able to:

  • Collaborate with the chef de partie in the elaboration of different recipes, readiness of the work area and closing of the kitchen.
  • Supply, maintain and manipulate different raw materials.
  • Develop different basic preparations, single dishes and desserts, noting always the standards of safety and hygiene in the work and following the instructions of a qualified professional.
  • Demonstrate a professional behavior, efficient time management, space and resources in the kitchen, as well as communicate, work efficiently and cooperate with colleagues of the group.
  • Select and determine the variables of use of equipment and tools for recognizing them and applying their operating principles, to develop the workplace.
  • Identify the quality and food safety standars, also the prevention of occupational and environmental risks, recognizing the risk fasctos and quality parameters associated with culinary production. Everything will be aply the environmental safety protocols, hygiene and quality throughout the production.
  • Be autonomous, and under the supervision of the chef the different kitchen services, properly managing the avalaible resource to adapt them to the peculiarities of each one.
  • Identify the need for prior manipulations of raw material, recognizing their characteristics and possible applications, to executes the processes of conservation, reception, storage and distribution.
  • Value the creativity based on the study and contrast of food and gastronomic offerings as an instrument to develop the processes of design and culinary decoration.
  • Develop skills and competencies for teamwork under the supervision of the head of departure.
  • Take contact with the different cooking parties.